About Compassionate Care

Individuals involved in the service industry often experience compassion fatigue while caring for others.  Compassion fatigue not only leads to stress and the lack of adequate self-care, but it also impacts the overall quality of service. We believe that care must be compassionate in order to be healing. Compassion calls us to look beyond the service that we are providing to truly see the person that we are serving. To do that, we must first show compassion to ourselves by practicing self-care. Self-care is critical to our ability to care for others but is a difficult practice for many caregivers to implement. Good self-care allows us to take a break from caring for others to address our own needs. When our needs are met, the people we encounter experience us at our best, which allows us to be fully present to their healing. We hope that our retreats, programs, and grants help meet your needs and ultimately increase your ability to show compassion to others.