Multi-Year Advocacy Grant

Multi-year Advocacy Grants are for nonprofits that want to solve policy or program issues that will help Middle Tennesseans get healthier. These grants are for nonprofits that focus on either increasing access to health services or preventing childhood trauma.

This grant program is closed until the first quarter of 2022.

Multi-year Advocacy Grants provide unrestricted funds for nonprofits with a well-developed advocacy plan. Recipients of these funds are committed to advocacy and to solving problems that affect many people because of a broken system. These grants are $100,000 or less per year.

Multi-year Advocacy Grant applicants are required to attend an Advocacy Workshop before applying.

Get answers to FAQs about Advocacy Grants here.

Before completing this application, please complete the Bolder Advocacy Capacity Tool, then use the results and capacity areas to develop your goals and benchmarks. This tool has been updated so please use the following link.

The application times out every 15 minutes, so we recommend that you cut, paste, answer, and save the following questions in a Word document. After you have answered all the questions, please paste your final version into the online grant application.

Organization Information

  1. Enter the contact information for your organization, including name, mailing address, phone, and fax (optional), as well as a 100-word description of your organization and its mission.
  2. Enter the Annual Budget for your organization.
  3. Has your agency had a financial audit conducted by an outside auditor for a time period within the previous 18 months?

Contact Information

  1. Enter the primary contact for this request.
  2. Enter the name of your organization’s Executive Director/President or CEO.
  3. Enter the name of the organization’s Board Chair.

Agency’s Advocacy Experience and Goals

  1. Select the geographic area and population served/represented.
  2. Describe your organization’s advocacy experience and how this work was accomplished. This may include previous work in public policy, advocacy to shape or improve programs, or institutional systems change advocacy – all of which go beyond individual advocacy services for your direct clients. Please share your most recent accomplishments and lessons learned. (300-word limit)
  3. Describe the community or constituency that your organization advocates for and illustrate your experience in reaching, engaging, and serving this population. Please describe how they are/will be involved in setting or executing the organization’s advocacy strategy. What niche do you fill that is different from other associations or agencies serving the same population? (200-word limit)
  4. How has your organization previously worked with coalition partners to advocate for policy or institutional changes? Please describe the partnership(s) and the role(s) played by your organization. (200-word limit)
  5. Please complete this sentence: “Through systems change advocacy, our organization seeks to improve health for Tennesseans by… (100-word limit)
  6. What are your organization’s systems change advocacy goals? Please explain how those goals aim to increase access to health services or prevent childhood trauma (Adverse Childhood Experiences or “ACEs”). (300-word limit)
  7. Using your results from the Advocacy Capacity Tool, please select all the applicable skills or capacities your organization currently has that position you well to pursue these goals.
  8. Using your results from the Advocacy Capacity Tool, please select the skills or capacities your organization will prioritize to develop in the next three years in order to achieve your systems change advocacy goals. Please be sure to select at least one from each of the four main domain areas.

Required Attachments

  1. Organization’s 3-year Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Directors (please highlight advocacy goals and related work)
  2. Summary results from Bolder Advocacy’s online Advocacy Capacity Tool. This free tool can be found at this link.

Ready To Start?

Applicants must also meet our general eligibility criteria. You will need your agency’s Tax ID number to begin the application. Please remember to update and save after modifying any of the fields. We also suggest that you save your text in a Microsoft Word document as a backup.

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