Transom Grant

Transom Grants are for programs that include clear goals, timelines, and measurable health outcomes. Health outcomes show the impact that the program has had on its participants.

Program Requirements

We support current and new programs that have a documented community need. These programs must be sustainable and fit into our areas of interest:

  • Physical Health (This category is limited to agencies that provide *direct clinical services, caregiver respite support, or health system navigation through the Get Covered TN initiative) e.g. providing respite care or medical care.
  • Mental Health
  • Recovery from Substance Abuse
  • Healing from Abuse, Neglect, or Violence

We value holistic and compassionate care and consider these elements as we review grant applications. These grants are between $20,001 and $40,000.

Grant awards will be no more than 10% of your current fiscal year’s operating expenses or 10% of your previous fiscal year’s revenues, excluding in-kinds (based on which is less). Exceptions may be made for collaborations and organizations that are using a fiscal agent.

*Direct clinical services are services that are provided to clients by medical professionals. Click here for examples of direct clinical services outcomes from our grantees.

1. Required Forms

Please download the budget form to submit with your Transom Grant application. The remaining form will be submitted with the final report.

2. Application Details

The application times out every 15 minutes, so we recommend that you cut, paste, answer, and save the following questions in a Word document. After you have answered all the questions, please paste your final version into the online grant application. Please note that there are other questions on the application that require you to select an answer from a drop-down menu.

Organization and Contact Information

  1. Enter the contact information for your organization, including name, mailing address, phone, and fax (optional).
  2. Enter the name of the primary contact for this request.
  3. Enter the name of your organization’s Executive Director/President or CEO.

    Program Description and Design

    1. Enter the total amount of support being requested from THT. Awards will be no more than 10% of an organization’s current fiscal year’s operating expenses or previous fiscal year’s contributed revenues (excluding in-kinds), whichever of the two amounts is less. Please note that the maximum request amount is $40,000.
    2. Describe the specific program or project the grant funds will be used for. Your response to this question should provide a big picture overview of the program. Brevity is appreciated. Limit response to 600 words.
    3. What are the measurable expected outcomes of the project/program? Outcomes should reflect a positive health change as a result of your program and should indicate a timeframe in which they will be accomplished. Please use The Trust’s format: Of 500 patients with diabetes, 350 (70%), will have an A1C of 9 or less by the end of the project period. Limit response to 250 words.
    4. Describe what evaluation tools and methods your organization will use to measure your outcomes. Limit response to 250 words.

    Ready To Start?

    Applicants must also meet our general eligibility criteria. You will need your agency’s Tax ID number to begin the application. Please remember to update and save after modifying any of the fields. We also suggest that you save your text in a Microsoft Word document as a backup.

    Begin Your Application