Our Commitment to Equity

In 2019, our team started to think more intentionally about healing and racial equity. A deeper examination of our shared history of racial injustice calls us to consider how we heal from historical trauma and the hate and bigotry that continues to exist. We spent the year engaged with a racial equity consultant from OpenSource Leadership working with our staff and board to continue to build our own internal understanding and capacity for doing this work. 

OpenSource collected 21 survey responses from 16 board members and five staff, interviewed 22 stakeholders (current and former board members, staff, interns, grantees, and peer funders), and reviewed key organizational documents. We received the results from that assessment this past February. Over the past six months, our equity leadership team and board have been:

  1. Revisiting our mission and values and developing an equity statement
  2. Continuing to build our internal capacity for antiracism and justice work including readings, watching relevant films, attending virtual trainings, and bringing in speakers to our board meetings 
  3. Examining and updating grantmaking processes to be more inclusive
  4. Supporting the building of the community’s capacity for and understanding of racial equity and justice through supporting the equity offerings at CNM, hosting virtual trainings, and working with other funders interested in racial equity. 

We are horrified by how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting people of color disproportionately due to systemic racism in our healthcare, prisons, and workplaces. As protests across the world unite us in outrage and sorrow, we see a vision for a future that dismantles these systems of injustice. 

As we envision this future, we will announce a new mission and value statements in 2021. We will also have a timeline for how we will start to incorporate this new mission to our work including our programs and our grantmaking. We appreciate that many of our partners are walking along side us in this journey. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to update you along the way. 

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