Our Commitment to Equity

In 2019, our team started to think more intentionally about healing and racial equity. A deeper examination of our shared history of racial injustice calls us to consider how we heal from historical trauma and the hate and bigotry that continues to exist. We engaged OpenSource Leadership Strategies to dive deeper into those topics and to explore what it could look like for us to have a racial equity lens. This engagement pushed us into deep conversations with one another, staff and board, and held up a mirror to our own lives and culture that some of us had never seen.

OpenSource collected 21 survey responses from 16 board members and five staff, interviewed 22 stakeholders (current and former board members, staff, interns, grantees, and peer funders), and reviewed key organizational documents. We are still sitting with the responses from the surveys and interviews, but we know that the changes that we make in the future will be more significant because they will be informed by the feedback of our community.

Our next steps are:

  1. Revisiting our mission and values and developing an explicit equity statement
  2. Continuing to build our internal capacity for antiracism and justice work
  3. Examining and updating the grantmaking process to be more inclusive
  4. Supporting the building of the community’s capacity for and understanding of racial equity and justice

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