Operating Grant

Operating Grants provide unrestricted funds for nonprofits that have already received 3 years of grants from The Healing Trust. These nonprofits have organizational and financial strength and have received a grant from The Trust within the last 12 months. Grant size is based on the budgeted operating expenses of the agency.


$500,000 – $999,999
$1M – $1,999,999
$2M and above


Request amounts must follow the guidelines based on the size of the agency’s budget (operating expenses) for the most current budget year and cannot exceed $63,000. Grants are awarded for one-year terms and applicants cannot apply for a Transom and Operating Grant within the same year.

In addition to meeting our general eligibility requirements, Operating Grant applicants must also:

Have an established relationship with The Trust:

  • Agency has at least three full years of previous grant funding history with The Trust. The three years do not have to be consecutive.
  • Agency has received a grant from The Trust within the previous 12 months.
  • Agency met or exceeded outcomes and complied with all reporting procedures with previous grants.

Have a mission that aligns with The Trust’s mission:

  • Agency provides compassionate health services to the vulnerable in Middle Tennessee.
  • At least 51% of the agency’s clients must live within the geographical area funded by The Trust. These clients must also have low incomes.
  • The majority of the agency’s programs must be health services. These programs must produce measurable, positive health outcomes within one of The Trust’s areas of interest or include efforts to increase access to compassionate health care.

Have demonstrated organizational sustainability and stable financial position:

  • Agency had revenues (excluding in-kinds) of $500,000 or more in their most recent year of operation.
  • Agency must have received an unqualified audit for the prior two years. The agency must provide any letters from their auditors which communicate material weaknesses and/or significant deficiencies in the agency’s internal controls.



1. Application Details

The Operating Grant does not have a preliminary application. The full application is due on the Full Proposal Deadline.

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Applicants must also meet our general eligibility criteriaYou will need your agency’s Tax ID number to begin the application. Please remember to update and save after modifying any of the fields. We also suggest that you save your text in a Microsoft Word document as a backup.

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