Through our Resilient Families strategic priority, we invest in organizations that support the well-being of children and young people ages 0-25, and their caregivers, through three approaches: Abuse Prevention, Violence Prevention and Justice Systems, and Mental Health.


Request amounts must follow the guidelines based on the size of the agency’s budget (operating expenses) for the most current budget year. Grants are awarded for one-year terms. If your organizational budget is less than $35,000, please contact a member of the program team to discuss potential funding. As a private foundation, our contribution beyond a certain budget percentage may tip a 501(c)(3) public charity into a 501(c)(3) private foundation status with the Internal Revenue Service. Learn more here about tipping.

$35,000 – $299,999
$300,000 – $999,999
$1M – $1,999,999
$2M and above
Abuse prevention

Goal:  To promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for children and disenfranchised communities.

Potential Funding Approaches:

  • Fund organizations working with families to secure permanent housing
  • Fund systems-level solutions to childcare challenges beyond providing more seats
  • Fund clinics that provide affordable primary and preventive medical care
  • Award direct economic support to caregivers of children and young adults
  • Fund organizations that advocate and advance women’s reproductive rights and the decriminalization of reproductive services. 
Violence Prevention and Justice Systems


To create and advocate for equitable youth justice systems

To foster resilience in families impacted by incarceration

Potential Funding Approaches:

  • Fund restorative justice programs
  • Invest in violence prevention/criminal justice reform
  • Invest in reentry and reunification with family members
  • Fund systems-level solutions for equitable fees and fines
Mental Health


To increase the availability of clinical mental health and substance use disorder support for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

To increase the availability of mental and emotional healing to support BIPOC children, young adults, and caregivers

To foster resilience through the prevention and mitigation of trauma

Potential Funding Approaches:

  • Partner to increase the number of BIPOC providers in the pipeline
  • Fund organizations that provide integrative health
  • Support nonprofit organizations with a high percentage of BIPOC mental health providers

We understand that completing a grant application can be time-consuming and reduce the time that you have available to deliver services that advance your mission.  Because of that, we ask that you keep your responses brief.

  1. Please describe any significant changes within the organization in the last year.  Examples of major changes may include rebranding, new programming, organizational policy change, change of major funding sources, and staff transition.
  2. What are your organization’s goals for the upcoming year? Your response to this question should include a description of your top strategic initiatives for the upcoming year.
  3. What emerging trends, changes in the community and/or changes in your service area do you anticipate impacting your work in the grant term and beyond? Examples may include shifts in the political climate, changes in client needs, improvements in the clinical landscape, etc.
  4. In addition to funding, how can we support your organization? Examples may include convening stakeholders, technical assistance, staff wellness, program evaluation, advocacy and policy, etc.
  5. We prioritize organizations that are led by and predominantly serve Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Please note if your organization is not BIPOC-led, it is still eligible for funding.
    • Does your Executive Director/CEO identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color?
    • What percentage of your Board and Staff identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color?
    • What percentage of your clients served identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color?
  6. What exploration and/or action is your organization taking toward racial equity? Examples may include efforts to diversify board and staff, development of equitable policies and practices, attending trainings about justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, etc.
  7. Please describe in detail how your organizational goals align with our Resilient Families Strategic Priorities of Abuse Prevention, Violence Prevention and Justice Systems, and Mental Health.
  8. Please list relevant collaborators to your work. Describe the nature of the collaborations. For this question, collaborators are defined as nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, universities, etc. that help you achieve your organizational goals in Bedford, Davidson, Maury, Montgomery, and/or Rutherford counties.

All reports are submitted verbally. A program officer will reach out to you between the 9th and 12th month of the grant term to schedule a final report conversation. The conversation will be focused on the responses to the initial application questions.

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