Grants typically range from $20,000 – $100,000 per year in order to maximize impact to the community. Awards will be no more than 10% of an organization’s current fiscal year’s operating expenses or previous fiscal year’s contributed revenues (excluding in-kinds), whichever of the two amounts is less. Program Grants (Transom and Cultures of Compassion Grants) will not exceed $40,000. Currently, the average grant award is around $40,000. Smaller requests ($20,000 and under) should come through the Small Grant Program.

Please contact our Office Manager, Casey McCormick at (615) 284-8271
The Trust does not fund:

  • Capital projects: purchase, construction, or renovation of facilities
  • Individuals and fraternal organizations
  • Other grant-making organizations
  • Organizations that have discriminatory policies or practices
  • Partisan politics, political lobbying, or electoral campaigns
  • Single disease, research-oriented organizations
  • Startup organizations
You can register in the Beyond Grantmaking section of the website
With the exception of multi-year Advocacy Grants, awards are granted on a year-to-year basis.

Application Process

Applicants may submit two grant applications within a twelve month period.
Organizations will typically only receive one grant of a specific type per year. Click here to see which types of grants you can have at the same time.
Grant proposals will be accepted and reviewed on a quarterly basis. Applicants are allowed to apply only twice per year (e.g., if an applicant is not awarded a grant the first time that they apply, they may make one more application attempt within a 12 month period.) Applicants cannot have more than one transom grant concurrently or a transom and an operating grant concurrently. All proposals are due by 4 PM on the day of the deadline.

Grant deadlines are available here.

The grant policies, guidelines, programs, application requirements, and funding decisions are the responsibility of the Board of Trust. These items may be modified by the Board of Trust at any time in its sole discretion.

The process includes two stages to keep you from wasting time writing a lengthy application for a program that we are not likely to fund.
To be fair to the other applicants, we will not accept applications after the deadline. You will have to apply in the next cycle.

During the Grant Term

The Trust provides no-cost extensions in some instances. Please call your program officer to discuss your specific circumstance. Please note that an extension will not be offered after a grant term has ended.
Please call us if this happens. We may be able to provide a no-cost extension to give the agency time to fill the position.
Please call us if you anticipate receiving negative publicity or unexpectedly receive negative publicity. We would prefer to hear the news from you rather than the media.
It’s possible. You can formally request to revise your outcomes/reallocate funds in the progress report or you can call your program officer to discuss a revision/reallocation at any point during the grant term. Please note that a revision/reallocation cannot occur after a grant term has ended.
Site visits typically last an hour and include a tour of the facility (if appropriate) and the opportunity to ask questions about the organization and program being funded. The site visit is not an audit and should not interrupt the organization’s normal operations. The Trust’s staff and board members visit all grantees bi-annually and new grantees in the first year of Trust funding.

Application Timing and Report Submission

We will notify you within 8-10 weeks from the deadline of the full proposal.
All grant recipients are required to submit a final report. Please note that Transom, Cultures of Compassion, and Advocacy Planning grantees are also required to submit a mid-term progress report.
It is very likely that your report/application has moved from “new requirements” to “in progress requirements.” You will likely find your report under the “in progress requirements drop down menu.

Eligibility Criteria

An agency must have been in operation as a 501(c)(3) for at least one year.

Declined Applications

Please schedule a phone call with a member of the Program Team to receive feedback on your declined application. Applicants may submit two grant applications within a twelve month period.