Participatory Grantmaking

In the Spring of 2021, The Healing Trust launched participatory grantmaking programs in the Bedford County and North Nashville communities. Participatory grantmaking is rooted in the idea that communities know what is best for them. The goal is to engage the community in a process that allows residents to use their lived experience to deliver over $200,000 in grant funds in their communities.

North Nashville

The 37208 Fund is a participatory grantmaking model that empowers people who live, work, and minister in the 37208 zip code to distribute funding to people making a difference in their community. It was created as a result of a recommendation of the Special Committee Report, designed to bring reparations and justice to North Nashville. The 37208 Fund Committee will make all funding decisions and includes a cross-section of residents, artists, pastors, business owners, and youth representatives.

Corner to Corner, a North Nashville-centered organization dedicated to educational equity, economic equity, and spiritual growth, serves as the fiscal agent for the fund. The Fund is jointly supported by The Healing Trust and The Frist Foundation.

Read the press release here and apply for support from the fund here.

Bedford County

Participatory grantmaking in In Bedford County is guided by Vincent Peppers, a local Bedford County consultant, and Fredia Lusk, Executive Director of the Community Clinic of Shelbyville and Bedford, and a current grantee partner. They brought together a diverse group of ten community members, consisting of retirees, educators, and nonprofit leaders. They have developed protocols and a process to receive and evaluate funding requests that focus on children and education. The committee is compensated for its time and will meet four times between May and August.

To date, the committee has awarded more than $88,000 in funds in Bedford County to the following programs:

  • Bird Street Church of Christ
  • Branches Counseling, Center of Family Development
  • Gilliland Historic Resource Center
  • High Calling Ministries
  • Johnson Family Give Back Program
  • M&M Clinic
  • Rosenwald Community Center
  • Scott United Methodist Church
  • Shelbyville Bedford County Public Library
  • Shelbyville First Methodist Church
  • Shelbyville Soup Kitchen
  • William Catholic Church
  • The Cross Shelter Project

Please contact Sam Jackson for questions about the participatory grantmaking program.