Sabbatical Grant

Sabbatical Grants provide support for a nonprofit organization during a period of Sabbatical for the nonprofit CEOs/EDs renewal.

The Sabbatical Grant program is currently available to the Executive Directors/CEOs of our grantee partners. The nonprofit must have received 3 years of unrestricted operating funds from The Trust or be a *grassroots organization that has received any unrestricted funds from The Trust. The CEO/ED must have worked in a nonprofit for at least 7 years, with at least 5 of those years as the CEO/ED. Executive Directors/CEOs of grassroots organizations are exempt from this requirement. The Trust will prioritize organizations with racially diverse leadership teams and CEOs of color.

Unrestricted funds include:

  • Rapid Response Funds
  • Operating Grants
  • Multi-year Advocacy Grants

A maximum of $20,000 can be requested for a sabbatical. The grants can be used for the salaries of interim staff, stateside travel, housing, and learning opportunities for the CEO/ED. Learning opportunities can include personal/professional coaching, spiritual direction, management programs, retreats, and conferences. Requests for travel are limited to $5,000 of the maximum $20,000 request.

*A grassroots movement is one that uses the people in a given district, region, or community as the basis for a political or economic movement.[1] Grassroots movements and organizations use collective action from the local level to affect change at the local, regional, national, or international level. Grassroots movements are associated with bottom-up, rather than top-down decision making, and are sometimes considered more natural or spontaneous than more traditional power structures. [2]

In addition to meeting our general eligibility requirements, Sabbatical Grant applicants must also:

  • Show organizational sustainability and be financially stable
  • Be committed to taking a sabbatical of a minimum of three consecutive months without organizational contact
  • Have received unrestricted operating funds from The Trust
  • Guarantee continued employment status with on-going benefits provided during the period of leave

As a private foundation, our contribution beyond a certain budget percentage may tip a 501(c)(3) public charity into a 501(c)(3) private foundation status with the Internal Revenue Service. Learn more here about tipping.

1. Required Forms

Please download the ProQOL tool to submit with your application.

2. Application Details

After discussing your interest with Abby, email responses to the following questions to

Why is now a good time, personally and professionally, for you to take a sabbatical? What issues or problems would you like to address during your sabbatical? How does your ProQOL* score reflect the personal and professional issues you are facing? (500 words)

*Download and complete the ProQOL tool to assess your current quality of life. Include those results with your proposal and project the change in score that you expect to achieve as a result of the sabbatical.

Specific Plan

Please outline your proposed sabbatical plan and include the length of time, a timeline of specific activities/courses of study, and estimated costs. (500 words)

Ready To Start?

Applicants must also meet our general eligibility criteria.

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