Our theory of change is grounded in the understanding that disenfranchised populations need to be engaged in the electoral process and in advocacy work in order for equitable policymaking and implementation to occur. To that end, we  invite organizations that are focused on civic engagement to participate in this priority. We plan to allocate approximately $6.3 million over 7 years to this approach.

Strengthening Democracy Vision Statement 

Our Strengthening Democracy partners collaboratively created the following statement as a guidepost for their work:

“Our purpose is to reimagine democracy so that no matter where you come from or how you got here, who you love, what you look like, or who/if you pray to, you have equal access to good health, economic security, and joy. 

We acknowledge that this takes a diverse set of individuals and organizations committed to building trust and strong relationships.  

We do this by sharing tools, building power, facilitating access to information, and equipping people to participate and make decisions about their own life and their community. We work in tandem with communities to amplify directly impacted voices, change systems, and strengthen democracy.  

We recognize this is a complex process that requires transformation, learning, adapting, resources, inclusivity, and collaboration.”

Grant Recipients!

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Goals and Funding Approaches


To engage historically disenfranchised communities in policymaking and civic engagement

To increase the leadership capacity of diverse groups working collectively to shift power dynamics, policies, practices, behaviors, and resources towards an agenda focused on community health

Potential Funding Approaches:

  • Fund a group of organizations for seven years to build equitable statewide infrastructure to increase civic engagement and voter participation

By invitation only


All reports are submitted verbally. A program officer will reach out to you between the 9th and 12th month of the grant term to schedule a final report conversation. The conversation will be focused on the responses to the initial application questions.

December 1-31 (invitational)
Upon Invitation
April 1, 2024