Eligibility Criteria

The Healing Trust supports nonprofits that provide health services in Middle Tennessee. We do this by providing grants, retreats, and leadership programs.


We’ve already approved our grant funding for the third and fourth quarters of this year and have temporarily paused our typical grantmaking process. We encourage nonprofits whose leaders are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color to reach out to us to discuss funding outside of the grant process here.

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General Eligibility Criteria:

Grants are only made to non-profit organizations with locations in Middle Tennessee (see the map below) that have been in operation as a 501(c)(3) for at least one year and that operate health-related programs that produce measurable health outcomes or advocate for healthcare access. Applying organizations must also have operating expenses of less than $20 million and the majority of the organization’s programs must be health-focused. Additionally, the organization must serve clients that have limited access to resources and have at least one year of financial statements. We will consider agencies using a fiscal agent on a case-by-case basis. National organizations must have a Tennessee-based board, separate financial statements (including a 990 or an audit), and a location in Middle Tennessee in order to be eligible to apply.

All grant proposals should display and emphasize respect for the dignity of all persons. Applying organizations must have sustainable programs that fit into one or more of our areas of interest and provide direct clinical services:*

1. Physical Health
2. Mental Health
3. Recovery from Substance Abuse
4. Healing from Abuse, Neglect, or Violence

Applicants must also have their own statement of inclusiveness or non-discrimination. Please review The Trust’s Statement of Inclusiveness prior to making an application to ensure that the potential applicant organization and its programs are consistent with inclusion. Organizations with budgets of less than $35,000 should contact a program team member at grants@healingtrust.org before applying.

*Direct clinical services are services that are provided to clients by medical professionals. Click here for examples of direct clinical service outcomes from our grantees.

Eligibility Quiz:

Before applying, please ensure that you can answer “yes” to the following questions about your organization.

  • Does your organization have operating expenses less than $20 million?
  • Are the majority of your organization’s programs providing services in Middle Tennessee that address physical health, mental health, recovery from substance abuse, and/or healing from abuse, neglect, or violence?
  • Do the majority of your services provide support for people with limited access to resources in Middle Tennessee?
  • Does your organization have a physical location in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee? If you represent a national organization, you must have a Tennessee-based board, have separate financial statements (including a 990 or an audit), and a location in Middle Tennessee to answer “yes” to this question.

*If you have been declined by The Trust once within the last 12 months, please contact your program officer during office hours to discuss your application.

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    The Trust funds nonprofits in these 40 counties:

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