AGAPE Counseling and Related Services (CRS) is a service arm of AGAPE, a Christian social services agency founded in 1967 that also provides adoption placement, crisis maternity counseling, and foster care services. The mission of CRS, to make professional Christian counseling accessible to all in Middle Tennessee who desire it, involves addressing barriers to accessibility such as geography, cost, scheduling convenience, as well as barriers related to language and culture. Included in the services available through CRS is professional counseling for clinical problems (e.g. depression and anxiety), marriage and family relationship problems, and life problems (e.g. divorce, grief). The funds requested in the application will support professional counseling sessions, monitoring and ongoing training, advertising/marketing regarding the availability of professional counseling for those with financial challenges, administrative overhead, and a portion of the total budget. 48 of 80 (60%) of clients seen will achieve a significant increase of 5 or more points and have a total score above 25 on the Outcome Ratings Scale (defined as “recovered” on the ORS) by their final program funded session. Of clients currently in the program, only three had an initial score of 25.