Since 1925, the American Heart Association has been striving to transform health outcomes for heart disease through research, community education, professional training and policy change. The mission of the American Heart Association is building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Although heart disease remains the leading threat to the nation’s health, the dedication of the American Heart Association has reduced deaths from heart disease by 50%. The funds requested in the application will support a part-time navigator to help clinics establish and lead new protocols for patient support as well as train staff to take over the responsibilities; easy-to-use, take-home blood pressure cuffs for high-risk patients; training for clinic staff; educational materials and incentives to build participation. At least 1,648 of 1,962 (84%) of hypertensive patients at Mercy Healthcare will manage their blood pressure (keeping it below a systolic reading =140 mm Hg or a diastolic reading =90mm Hg) demonstrating a 10% increase on the current rate. At least 3,587 of 5,354 (67%) of hypertensive patients at Meharry will manage their blood pressure, a 10% increase on the current rate.