Begin Anew of Middle TN, formerly Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC), was originally established in 1997 by the WMU Council of the Nashville Baptist Association to serve women living in poverty in the East Nashville area.  In 2003, CWJC became a separate 501(c)3. In April 2016, CWJC changed the name to Begin Anew.  The agency mission remains the same: “to empower individuals to overcome obstacles caused by poverty by providing education, mentoring, and resources.” The funds requested in the application will support mental health management and mentoring for over 100 adults per semester.  45 out of 70 (64%) of students who score in the clinical range, 11 or above, on the Burns Anxiety Inventory will decrease their score in one year. Scoring 11 to 20 indicates mild anxiety; 21 to 30 is moderate, 31 to 50 is severe and 51 to 99 indicates extreme anxiety or panic. 79 out of 125 (72%) will demonstrate measurable steps toward their Personal Goal Plan.