Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County provides free nursing support with Hope, Help, and Radical Loving Support to persons and Caregivers affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The Caregiver Relief Program is a free, vital, radical loving care ministry, providing free nursing support to families suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Services also include: helping the caregiver find quality respite care in their home and participation in the family respite reimbursement program, providing the Music & Memory program in the home, providing the Virtual Dementia tour and Free Memory Screenings in our community. The funds requested in the application will support the Family Respite Reimbursement Program for 15 families with $100 per month. Of the 18 families (including those families not in the respite reimbursement program) served on a regular basis 16 families (88%) will note that their own health has improved and understand the importance of making their health a priority. 19 of the 20 families (95%) served through the M & M program we experience times of increased cognition and improved good behaviors after a month of music dosages.