The mission of the Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center is to serve children who are victims of severe abuse through prevention, education and intervention. Founded in 2005, the vision of the Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center is for a community where children are safe, families are strengthened, and victims are healed. The funds requested in the application will support costs to maintain the trauma focused therapy program including contracting with a therapist(s) who can provide trauma focused therapy to children who have been victims of severe abuse and their non-offending families. Of the children that participate in the therapy program 29 of 36 (80.5%) will experience a reduction in their identified trauma symptoms or will meet at least two of their therapeutic goals identified during the initial intake. Of the 29 children and families, 24 (82.7%) of the children and families will experience a reduction in all of the trauma symptoms identified by the therapist at the initial intake at the conclusion of therapy services. Trauma symptoms may include, but are not limited to depression, anxiety, anger issues, sleeping problems and other behavior problems.