The Community Clinic of Shelbyville & Bedford County (CCSBC), Inc. was established in November 2003. The mission CCSBC is to provide free primary health care to the low-income adult, working, and uninsured residing in Shelbyville and Bedford County. The grant will be used to fund patient hours for diabetic health, pre and post microalbumin screenings for at 50 least diabetic patients, and marketing materials. 25 out of 50 (50%) diabetic patients in the program will have normal creatinine clearance for women 88-129 ml/min and 97 to 137 ml/min for men. This outcome will ensure the patient about the importance of monitoring their diabetic condition. The medical staff will share this information with the patient. It is important for the patient to monitor their health with diet, exercise, and regular CCSBC appointments.