Birthed in the heart of Tina Mitchell after seeing the extreme poverty in the South Nashville community surrounding Trevecca Nazarene University, CrossBRIDGE was launched in 2006 to help provide a multi-faceted solution designed to bring healing and wholeness to individuals, families, and ultimately the community. CrossBRIDGE connects those trapped in destructive cycles with effective solutions for comprehensive transformation, responsible freedom and expanded opportunity. The funds requested in the application will support a portion of the salaries of six Road to Recovery (RTR) Program and Case Managers and a portion of the program’s budgeted line items. 77 out of 90 (85%) of program participant-residents will complete 90 days of RTR recovery support services, develop a Relapse Prevention Plan, show a positive change in their health, demonstrated by remaining free from using drugs and/or alcohol for 90 days. 57 of 68 (84%) of clients with co-occurring mental illness, will exhibit stability in their mental health, demonstrated by compliance with their mental health provider treatment plans. Compliance includes being present for appointments with their mental health provider and taking mental health medication(s) as prescribed, while refraining from self-medicating with illicit drugs and/or alcohol.