Established in 1986, the Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center (CCPC) is a Christian ministry located in Sumner County that provides unconditional love and genuine care to those experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Valuing all human life, the CCPC ministers hope to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, healing to those who have experienced abortion, and upholds truth to the community through sexual risk avoidance education. While providing for basic needs with pregnancy tests, prenatal and parenting classes and essential material items, CCPC seeks to minister presence – authentically walking alongside – so they know they are not alone. The funds requested in the application will support the salary and a portion of the benefits for the Director of Client Services. 600 out of 625 (96%) of evaluated adolescent or adult clients will feel less stressed regarding their pregnancy or parenting related issue as a result of the care they receive from the CCPC. 75 out of 125 (60%) clients will increase their knowledge by at least 30% upon taking Prenatal and/or Parenting classes.