The mission of Doors of Hope is “empowering a better future for returning citizens.” The agency received 501c3 determination in 2011 and serves Rutherford and surrounding counties as a comprehensive reentry program, providing wraparound services for those exiting drug rehab or incarceration. During the first year, post-release, clients receive food, clothing, transitional housing, transportation, counseling, recovery coaching, resume building, job skills and job search assistance, driven by their individual criminogenic needs in a safe, structured, recovery-based environment. The funds requested in the application will support a clinical case manager to support the health needs for 50 dually-diagnosed clients. 35 out of 50 (70%) will demonstrate improvement in self-reported depression, anxiety, and/or hopelessness through monitoring appropriate and correct usage/dosage of psychotropic medications. 33 out of 50 (66%) will experience a reduction in the occurrence of relapse, inching them toward the goal of long-term sobriety