Established in 2004, the Fentress County Children’s Center (FCCC) is a child advocacy center and provides forensic interviews, mental health counseling, medical examinations, expert testimony, and prevention education. The mission of the Fentress County Children’s Center is to provide a place of comfort and safety for children who have been abused, to equip children and parents with the tools necessary to heal from devastating trauma, and prevent child abuse in our community. The funds requested in the application will support the Program Assistant/Victim Services Coordinator who will be responsible for initial interviews with clients. She will also plan and conduct programs to improve mental health, coordinate victim advocacy services required by the court system and meet the families to exchange information throughout the treatment process. 240 out of 300 (80%) individuals will exhibit that complete at least six trauma focused therapy sessions will experience a reduction in two of their trauma symptoms and will meet at least two of their therapeutic goals identified during the initial intake with the victim services coordinator after six therapy sessions with the therapist.