HOPE Family Health is a faith-based nonprofit health center located in rural northern Tennessee, with a service area encompassing Macon, Sumner, and several surrounding counties. Founded in 2005, HOPE has over 1,000 patient encounters per month. The agency’s mission is “to improve access to primary health-care in rural Middle Tennessee, with an emphasis on vulnerable populations such as the uninsured, under-insured, poor, homeless, children, migrant workers, and those addicted to substances.  The funds requested in the application will support on & off-site mental health counseling for staff/immediate family, group education sessions on mental health, personal mission, and conflict resolution in the workplace, spring team-building retreat, and on-site yoga. 82% (41) will show maintained or improved scores on the compassion satisfaction, burnout and secondary traumatic stress scales as measured by the ProQOLv5. 82% (41) will self-report maintained or improved overall emotional well-being, as measured by the Staff Well-being and Needs Survey.