Kid’s Place has been providing services to child victims of abuse in the 22nd Judicial District since 1999. All services are free and include: investigative interviews, mental health counseling, family advocacy, court preparation, community prevention/awareness, and the coordination of child abuse investigations. The agency’s mission is to reduce trauma of child abuse by providing a child-focused environment for the coordinated intervention, multidisciplinary investigation, and treatment of child sexual and severe physical abuse in Lawrence, Wayne, Giles, and Maury Counties of Middle Tennessee. The funds requested in the application will support the Mental Health Counseling Program, which serves child victims of sexual and/or physical abuse and their participating caregivers. 30 of 40 (75%) children will demonstrate reduction in re-experiencing symptoms of PTSD at interval or post assessment. These symptoms include intrusive recollections, bad dreams, and flashbacks. 6 0f 10 (60%) of caregivers will demonstrate increased sense of competence through social and emotional support at end of treatment as reflected in score on caregiver survey.