Established in 2004, Mending Hearts provides shelter, hope and healing to women who may be homeless due to addiction, co-occurring mental health and substance related disorders across 45 counties. The funds requested in the application will support the professional services of a Nurse Practitioner for psych assessments, counselor/therapist salaries, and employee health benefits. 108 of 144 residents (75%) from Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) will show an improvement of at least 5 points on the PHQ-9 screening test for depression in counseling within 30 days. 52 of 69 (75%) residents from PSC 2 will report a 20% improvement in general anxiety disorder in 8 counseling sessions using the GAD-7 reporting tool. 94 of 144 residents (65%) from Residential Treatment Center will report a positive mental health improvement of functioning in their daily life by increasing their GAF score 10 points.