Established in 2004, Mending Hearts provides shelter, hope, and healing to women who may be homeless due to addiction, co-occurring mental health and substance related disorders. Nurturing homeless and addicted women to help them achieve better lives free from addiction is what drives the agency mission. Mending Hearts specializes in integrated, evidence-based co-occurring disorder treatment with a focus on stabilization. The funds requested in the application will support counselors’ and therapists’ salaries. 108 of 144 residents (75%) from Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) will show an improvement of at least 5 points on the PHQ-9 screening test for depression in counseling within 30 days. 90 of 144 (63%) residents from IOP will attend Family Seminar workshop with their families at least once during their recovery program to rebuild relationships that were shattered during their addiction. Research suggests that the individuals with mental illness supported by this treatment program will increase medication adherence, reduce rates of relapse, reduce psychiatric symptoms and reduce stress.