Music Health Alliance (MHA) is music’s only non-profit resource for healthcare and the first organization in Nashville to successfully bring the music and healthcare industries together. MHA was established in 2012 to support the music industry’s rapidly increasing need for healthcare access and advocacy. MHA’s mission is to Heal the Music by providing access to healthcare with services that Protect, Direct and Connect music professionals with medical and financial resources. The funds requested in the application will support the Protect/Direct/Connect Healthcare Access Program (PDCHAP). This program targets the most exposed and vulnerable in the music industry and establishes a long term prevention and/or care plan. MHA will provide 2100 patient assessments with varying levels of healthcare. 1995 (95%) have favorable resolutions totaling $3.5 million in healthcare financial resources enabling access to care not otherwise available. 210 (10%) of the 2100 assessments will need Medicare support. MHA will have success enrolling 189 seniors (90%) in Medicare enabling prevention and minimizing expenses. 189 (90%) will have access to their prescriptions, and doctors with all medical needs met