Nashville Drug Court Support Foundation (NDCSF) was incorporated in 1996 to help the substance abuse problem in our local criminal justice system. The NDCSF is a model long-term recovery program that serves as an alternative to incarceration for persons with substance abuse and/or mental illness. NDCSF provides services and support to participants within Judge Seth Norman’s DC4 (Davidson County Drug Court-Developing Character During Confinement). Work is accomplished using evidenced-based modalities in DC4’s long-term, court supervised, integrated, three-phase treatment. The agency’s goals/outcomes for the year include: 70 out of 70 (100%) offender intakes will begin addressing their physical/mental health and addiction within one week of being admitted into the DC4 residential program. 21 out of 30 (70%) DC4 intakes with co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders/veterans and 21 out of 30 (70%) DC4 General Drug Court/Methamphetamine/Prescription Drug intakes will demonstrate improvement in two mental health symptoms (i.e. depression, sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest) while in the residential program.