Established in 1998, Preston Taylor Ministries (PTM) seeks to build resiliency and protective factors for kids to reverse the negative outcomes that children growing up in low-income, inner-city neighborhoods often experience. Serving over 300 students through afterschool and mentoring programs, Preston Taylor empowers children and youth to discover and live their God-inspired dreams, develop a love for learning, and build joy- filled friendships that glorify Christ Jesus. The funds requested in the application will support PTM Connect, a program designed to build protective factors for 50 PTM 3rd-8th grade students living in and near the Preston Taylor community. 38 out of 50 (76%) students will demonstrate greater resiliency, connectedness, and adaptability. 40 out of 50 (80%) mentors will observe in his/her mentee greater resiliency, connectedness, and adaptability.