Founded in 1984, Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee’s (PCAT) mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect across all 95 counties in Tennessee.  Evidence based, in-home programs to vulnerable families, crisis intervention, parent to parent empowerment, and community education about the power of prevention are the touchstones of the organization.  PCAT’s goal across all of our programs is to empower parents and the communities where they live with the knowledge and capacity to raise children in safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments (SSNREs).  The funds requested in the application will support: evidence based, scalable, primary prevention programs and systems proven to reduce or mitigate Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and increase SSNREs for children and youth. This goal will be achieved by incorporating advocacy goals, action plans, legislative targets and accountability within the larger 2017-2020 agency strategic plan. The CEO and Director of Programs will designate 20% of their time to advocacy and regional/statewide, policy informing entities.