Founded in 1984, Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee’s (PCAT) mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect across all 95 counties in Tennessee.  PCAT’s goal across all of its programs is to empower parents and the communities where they live with the knowledge and capacity to raise children in safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments (SSNREs). The funds requested in the application will support consultation and facilitation with The Circle Center to implement a trauma informed culture of care at PCAT.  85% of PCAT staff will report “agree” or “strongly agree” on survey indicators measuring evidence and/or presence of communication and decision making unique to organizations informed by the Circle process. 70% of PCAT staff will report “agree” or “strongly agree” on surveys that track presence of trauma informed care organizational practices: safety, transparency, peer support, collaboration and mutuality, personal empowerment, cultural and gender sensitivity.