Since its founding date in 1984, Safe Haven has served as the only shelter-to-housing program in Middle Tennessee that accommodates homeless families. Safe Haven’s mission is “to empower Middle Tennessee homeless families with children to achieve lasting self-sufficiency.” Through comprehensive education, counseling and support, community partnerships, and trauma-informed care services, families are equipped to depart shelter with affordable housing and a detailed plan for employment. The funds requested in the application will support a portion of salaries for a development consultant, interim executive director, and program director; funding for the Stanford Center for Social Innovation Nonprofit CEO 10-day residential program; and a portion of the budget. The Executive Director’s Professional Quality of Life (PRoQOL) Scale burnout and secondary trauma scores will be reduced by at least 10% and 20% respectively, placing her within the average range. The reduction of scores will reflect an outcome of improved life and work satisfaction enabling the Executive Director to return to work as a stronger more present leader who is able to feel joy once again.