Special Kids, established in 1998, is a Christian Therapy and Nursing Center for children with special needs ages birth to 21 years. The agency’s mission is to serve Jesus Christ by caring for His children. Direct services include physical, speech, feeding, occupational, and recreational therapies, skilled nursing, Camp Ability and family resources. These services are designed to help children reach their maximum potential. The funds requested in the application will support salaries for the summer respite program, Camp Ability. 60 out of 80 (75%) caregivers of children with special needs ages 6-25 years will report they felt a decrease in stress due to leaving their child at Camp Ability during June and July. 20 out of 25 (80%) caregivers who allow their child with special needs to attend one or more Special Kids respite days, offered throughout the school year, will report they (the caregiver) felt a decrease in stress due to the time away from their care-giving duties.