Established in 1984, STARS serves disenfranchised populations by providing school-based, mental health counseling, prevention and intervention services, as well as intensive outpatient treatment services for adolescents with substance use and co-occurring disorders. The mission of STARS is to help young people pursue their unlimited potential. The agency’s goals/outcomes for the year include: 65 out of 100 (65%) students participating in our SAP and Enhanced SAP services will report issues with substance abuse, mental and/or behavioral health issues have improved. 20 of 30 (67%) patients who meet diagnostic criteria for substance abuse will complete treatment services at YODA’s IOP program as a result of assessment and brief intervention. 65 out of 100 (65%) of 3rd-grade students who participate in a Child Abuse Prevention presentation will state that they learned something new about how to keep themselves safe as measured by the student survey.