Founded in 2010, STEM Preparatory Academy is a growing network of open enrollment public schools, operating STEM Prep Middle (5-8), STEM Prep High (9-12), and the Nashville Newcomer Academy, serving a total of almost 1,000 students in the region. STEM Prep is dedicated to delivering a rigorous, inquiry-based education with a strategic focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The funds requested in the application will support an on-site mental health counselor to serve newcomer middle school students. 80% (184 of 244) of students/parents receiving crisis intervention and/or counseling services will report positive changes and show progress towards developing improved coping skills. 75% (184 of 244) of students receiving crisis intervention or long-term counseling services will make two years of growth in reading and math by the conclusion of the academic year as measured by the national norm-referenced MAP assessment.