Founded in 2005, the mission of The Refuge Center for Counseling is to offer affordable professional counseling services to empower, educate and support individuals, couples and families in need. The agency’s goals/outcomes for the year include: 457/571 (or 80%) of trauma survivors served will report they have a physical and emotional safety plan and their sense of personal empowerment has increased. 121/152 (or 85%) of clients that present with anxiety, depression or PTSD and have completed the pre/posttest trauma assessments (given 60-90 days apart) will report a 50% decrease in symptoms. Refuge will close on a contract for land purchase for our new campus, finalize the design plans of the facility and develop the campus’s vision message. Refuge will provide a minimum of 3 trainings annually on Attachment-Based leadership to ensure each new staff member/intern has received adequate education on the model.