Thistle Farms’ mission is to heal, empower, and employ female survivors of trafficking, addiction, and prostitution. Thistle Farms does this by providing safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for economic independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners. Founded by the Rev. Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms began in 1997 as a residential program called Magdalene. In an effort to offer residents and graduates both economic support and job training, Thistle Farms’ social enterprises began in 2001. The organization utilizes a comprehensive model for healing from sexual abuse, trauma, and addiction. The agency’s goals/outcomes for the year include: 5 of the 7 (71%) new residents who go through intensive outpatient therapy or inpatient treatment in their first six months in the program will continue with the program and remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol. 4 of the 4 (100%) residents who graduate this year will be clean and sober, employed and will report an increased sense of self-worth and a hopeful future as a result of their two year residency with Thistle Farms.