The mission of the Upper Cumberland Child Advocacy Center (UCCAC) is to serve children who are victims of severe sexual, drug endangered and physical abuse through prevention, education and intervention. The UCCAC serves seven rural underserved and disadvantaged counties within the 13th Judicial District, the largest area served by any Child Advocacy Center. UCCAC has provided forensic interviews, counseling, and court preparation since 2003. Medical evaluations are provided at the UCCAC through collaboration with Our Kids. The funds requested in the application will support the contracted services of a part time therapist and fund a small portion of the Victims Service Coordinator Salary. 70% or 59.5 of the 85 children who receive Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy will demonstrate a reduction in post-traumatic stress symptoms including avoidance, hyper arousal, and hyper vigilance within four months of the commencement of their treatment plan.