Founded in 1991, Urban Housing Solutions (UHS) provides affordable rental housing and supportive services to low-income individuals and families in Nashville and Madison. One-third of the apartments are subsidized and available to those with special needs such as homelessness, mental illness, physical disabilities or HIV/AIDS. The funds requested in the application will support a portion of salaries and benefits for a Health Matters Service Coordinator, the Health Matters Support Fund; travel for Health Matters staff and 15% of indirect costs. 60 0f 75 residents (80%) who attend health workshops and complete pre-and post-test will demonstrate increased knowledge of the topic covered which will promote skills for healthier living practices, improved overall health and greater longevity. 21 of 35 residents (60%) who are linked to medical, dental or mental health care by the HSC will attend one or more appointments within 90 days of the initial linkage and/or decrease their ambulance or emergency usage for non-emergency needs; therefore reducing inefficiencies and cost at local hospitals.