Incorporated in 1987, the mission of Wilson County CASA is to provide trained volunteers who advocate in court for the stability and healthy development of abused and neglected children. The funds requested in the application will support the salary for the volunteer coordinator. The volunteer coordinator is employed 25 hours per week performing duties related to recruiting and training new volunteer advocates, scheduling and assessing volunteer in-service, and overall volunteer well-being and satisfaction. 214 of 225 (95%) of children served will have the same advocate, thus ensuring continuity in the oversight of their care, needs and healthy development. 56 out of 63 (89%) of cases closed in calendar year 2017 will remain closed, indicating that these children have remained in a safe, stable, and nurturing home where they can grow and thrive, thus, breaking the cycle of child abuse. Wilson County CASA will retain 60 out of 76 (79%) active volunteers. CASA will recruit, train and supervise an additional 18 new volunteers during this grant period.