We know these are unprecedented times and understand many of you are on the front lines assisting populations without the resources to navigate this. Thank you for your continued service to our community. We are honored to be among your supporters.

Starting today, we are taking the following steps to support our community and grantees through this pandemic.

1. Unrestricting all grants – We want to be responsive to the needs of our grantee partners and community and have decided to unrestrict all current active grants and all grant requests in the Q2 2020 grant cycle. This will allow grantee partners to use the funds as general operating support for whatever purpose. We are also further simplifying the application process to allow you to focus more on meeting the community’s needs and less on paperwork.

2. Delaying some progress reports – For grantees who have a progress report due on April 15, we are delaying that until April 30. If you need additional time beyond that, please contact your grant contact and he/she will be happy to handle this for you.

3. Canceling public events at our office – While we love hosting Healing for the Healer Retreats, leadership circles, workshops, and convenings for grantees, we are canceling such events through the first week of April. We will evaluate whether to extend this time further at a later date. We want to lead by example and prevent further opportunities for COVID-19 to spread. 

4. Canceling site visits – We have canceled site visits to grantees through the first week of April and will evaluate if we need to extend that timeframe. Whether dealing with COVID-19 or not, we encourage all grantees to notify us and cancel a site visit if it will disrupt your operations or if a staff member involved in the site visit is sick.

5. Implementing social distancing – The Healing Trust staff will be implementing social distancing practices. Staff will be splitting time between working in the office and remotely. We are limiting our attendance at public events and moving as many meetings as possible to digital platforms like Zoom. We are also trying to take time ourselves to attend to our own emotional and physical health. We hope you will do the same.

We appreciate your efforts to continue the great work that you do during these challenging times. Please feel free to let us know if we can support you in additional ways.

All our best,

Kristen, Meredith, Jennifer, Sam, Catherine, and Casey