What should I expect at this retreat?

Each retreat is similar in structure and our facilitators create a calm and restful day for attendees. Activities may include arts and crafts, journaling/reflective prompts, time getting to know one another in Circle, aromatherapy, meditations, quiet time, and a gentle, accessible yoga session. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, and dietary restrictions are honored. You are encouraged to wear whatever you find most comfortable.

Who can attend Healing for the Healer retreats?

Healing for the Healer retreats are for people who work in nonprofits in Middle Tennessee. Although we appreciate other helpers in our community, these retreats are not offered to therapists with private practices, teachers, police officers, university employees, EMTs, nurses, hospital employees, etc.

We prioritize the attendance of our grantees, but attendance is not limited to members of grantee organizations.

How often can I attend a Healing for the Healer retreat?

Attendance is limited to one retreat per calendar year.

I am a Black person or a Person of Color. Which retreat do I attend?

We have designated some retreats specifically for Black people and some specifically for People of Color to create space for shared experience as it relates to race and ethnicity.

Our general Healing for the Healer retreats can be attended by people of any race or ethnicity who work at a nonprofit in Middle Tennessee.

We trust our attendees to self-identify which retreat they would like to attend.


How much does it cost to attend?

Retreats are free to attendees, although it does cost The Trust about $175 per participant.

We happily offer these retreats, and kindly request you let us know if you need to cancel your registration so we can invite someone from our waitlist to attend.

Can I register my entire staff for a retreat?

Healing for the Healer encourages connection with other people who know the demands of working within a nonprofit across service areas. Because of this, we only allow 2-3 people per organization per retreat date. Registrations will be canceled if you register more than 3 people per retreat date.

Can licensed social workers receive CEUs for attending Healing for the Healer?

Licensed social workers can receive 3.0 CEUs for attending any of our in-person retreats. You will be prompted to make note of your request for CEUs when signing in the day of the retreat.

Can I request a retreat for my staff?

We do not offer retreats by request.

When can I register for a retreat in the next calendar year?

Typically, we announce retreat dates twice a year (Summer and Fall). We do not offer retreats during the summer months.

How do I cancel my registration or change the date I am attending?

Please email Abby Hyman at to cancel or change retreat dates.

How do I update the details of my registration?

Please email Abby Hyman at if you need to cancel or reschedule your registration.


Are your retreats ASL accessible?

We provide an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter at one retreat per calendar year. Please email Abby Hyman at for details.

Is the retreat location wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the parking lot and retreat center are wheelchair accessible.

Can my service animal attend with me?

Trained service animals are welcome to attend. We ask that you notify Abby Hyman before your retreat so we can best accommodate you.

Didn’t answer your question? Please email Abby Hyman at