Self-care is currently having a moment – from articles and news segments on mindfulness and meditation, to journals and coloring books on store shelves. Recently, even the term self-care has become more mainstream – a positive development towards promoting the concept. At The Healing Trust, we believe it is so essential that we developed retreats that specifically focus on self-care.

Since 2008, The Healing Trust has offered complimentary, day-long, Healing for the Healer retreats to those who work at nonprofits or other service agencies, including nurses and first responders, in our service area. The retreats are held once a month and focus on the importance of self-care and stress management for those who serve others through their work. The goals of the retreats are to provide time for self-care and rejuvenation and to support participants in developing a personal self-care plan to implement beyond the retreat day. We provide a relaxing environment, meals, drinks, and physical comfort so you can focus on yourself for the day.

Before the retreat

When you register for a retreat, you’ll be able to note any dietary restrictions so we can order meals accordingly. We’ll ask for your organization’s name to confirm eligibility, and so we can limit the number of attendees from the same organization. Towards the goals of rest and rejuvenation, retreats are technology-free: we ask that you refrain from phone use except during breaks. During the winter months, retreats are only canceled if Metro schools are closed due to weather.

During the retreat

Upon arrival, you’ll be shown to our Retreat Center, our large gathering room set with a circle of comfortable chairs and soothing music. Each chair includes an agenda, journal, pen, and resource materials.  Blankets and pillows are available for your comfort and breakfast will be available before the retreat starts at 9:00. An assortment of herbal teas, coffee, and sparkling water will also be available. You’re welcome to choose your seat and enjoy breakfast or chat with others as you get settled.

We’ll start at 9:00 with a conversation about the day’s agenda, an introduction to The Healing Trust, and an overview of the building and spaces open to guests (a favorite spot: the screened in back porch and garden area). The agenda is facilitator-guided, participant-driven, and invitational.  You will be invited to listen with empathy and to explore your current stress management methods as well as sample other approaches. You’ll create your own self-care plan to take with you for use beyond retreat day. The activities offered during the retreat may vary, but can include a walking meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, journaling, guided mindfulness meditations, art therapy options (painting, coloring, or drawing), aromatherapy, and an hour of silence. We encourage you to try new things, to discover (or rediscover) the methods that resonate most with you.

During some circle activities, you’ll be invited to share your experiences and stories with other participants who also understand the challenges of working in a serving profession. Some of the most positive feedback we’ve received is about how meeting others in different positions and from different organizations offers valuable insight and support.

After the retreat

We hope you’ll attend a retreat and also make self-care a year-round focus. Learn more about the retreats or register for a Healer for the Healer retreat here. If you haven’t already, sign up to receive our newsletter for updates on retreats and other future self-care tips, toolkits, and workshops.

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Casey McCormick is the Operations Manager at The Healing Trust.