Established in 1962, Catholic Charities provides services to people throughout Middle Tennessee. The mission statement of Catholic Charities is as follows: Following the example of Christ, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Nashville develops and provides human services which enhance and enrich the quality of life for people in need. Social ministry to all of God’s children is fundamental to its mission; therefore, the services of Catholic Charities are available to people of every religious, ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds. The funds requested in the application will support direct services to refugee elders in the form of group programming and case management, including transportation to and from program activities. 20 of 25 (80%) will score in the “healthy” range on at least two out of four health indicators within 12 months (Ex. blood pressure less than 120/80 & heart rate within the targets identified by the American Heart Association by age). 18 of 25 (72%) will show an improvement on an English & U.S. Citizenship practice test after 12 months, with an eventual goal of at least 60% of eligible participants obtaining Citizenship within the 7 year threshold for receiving Social Security benefits.