On a foundation of Christian faith, Martha O’Bryan Center empowers children, youth, and adults in poverty to transform their lives through work, education, employment, and fellowship. Martha O’Bryan Center (MOBC) was founded in 1894, when Miss O’Bryan organized the Gleaners Society at First Presbyterian Church to work with the needy of North Nashville. MOBC programs work together (joining families, communities, schools) to provide education, employment, health, and practical support across a cradle to college to career continuum. The agency’s goals/outcomes for the year include: 85% of 350 K-8 students will increase reading skills, 80% of 125 Tied Together participants will provide examples of increased social emotional support, and 90% of 175 counseling/case management clients will complete an individualized Care Plan with identified goals and objectives, as measured on the Arizona Self-Sufficiency Assessment.