Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center (MWCHC) was established in 1968 by Dr. Matthew Walker, Sr. a renowned surgeon that practiced at Meharry Medical College. Dr. Walker’s purpose for the health center was to provide the community a place to become healthy. MWCHC’s mission is to provide quality health care, health education, and to promote wellness. The agency’s goals/outcomes for the year include: 90% of 13,040 (11,736) of all medical patients 18 years old or older with a body mass index (BMI) indicated will have a follow-up plan documented if the BMI is outside normal parameters. 52% of 6,204 (3,102) of women 21 – 64 years old will receive at least one Pap test to screen for cervical cancer. By December 31, 2018, increase patient population by 26% from 16,952 to 23,000 patients.