The Medical Foundation of Nashville was established in 2018, when it transferred the charitable and educational programs of the Nashville Academy of Medicine, including Project Access Nashville Specialty Care (PANSC), which was established in 2005. The Medical Foundation of Nashville empowers the community by supporting health access, promoting healthy lifestyles, championing health and medical education, and cooperating with other charitable entities to work towards a healthier Nashville. Specific activities include public health education, coordinated charity care (Project Access Nashville Specialty Care), and education for physicians and physicians in training. The funds requested in the application would support: self-awareness assessments, coaching, and group facilitation for the staff team, team-building activities, and team celebrations; relationship-building events with the staff, board of directors, and key volunteers/partners; the strategic development of each position to maximize individual strengths, desires for growth, and increase satisfaction, and the implementation of a flexible work environment. The agency seeks to see improved team functionality and work environment.