Since 2000, Nashville Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) has been unique in providing Davidson County residents with free and sliding-scale mediation services. Its mission is to help individuals and families resolve and move beyond conflict through mediation. By using a non-traditional, restorative approach to conflict resolution that is community based and trauma informed, NCRC mediators work with participants to establish long-term solutions that steer participants away from conflict and toward collaborative resolution. The funds requested in the application will support staff salaries and wages; payroll benefits; postage & mailing; advertising and education; materials for dissemination; supplies; training of volunteer mediators; and administrative overhead. 85% (340 out of 400) completed mediations will end in a collaborative resolution by the participants. 85% (510 of 600) surveys will indicate that mediation helped the participants share their views, which aid in promoting effective communication and reducing stress.